“Man’s unhappiness, says Descartes, is due to his having first been a child.” Simone de Beauvoir in The Ethics of Ambiguity, II Personal Freedom and Others. As with all art forms, children’s literature is a product of the society it is constructed in and so it unavoidably contains embedded ideology. Our ideas about the world and … More Childhood

Moving Image

  I am trying my hand at animation to adapt my illustration to screen. This is based on the gocco printed book I made called Where the Sea Meets the Sky. Refresh the page to watch it again!


Deleuze describes sensation as an autonomous, bodily response to visual art:”Colour is in the body, sensation is in the body, and not in the air. Sensation is what is painted” (2003 [1981]:35). This is close to social theorist Brian Massumi’s ‘autonomy of affect’ – which he describes as autonomous reactions to stimulus (Massumi, 1995:83-109). I … More Sensation


In her essay The Ethics of Ambiguity Simone de Beauvoir proposes that we deconstruct accepted ‘universal’ ways of seeing the world – the individual ‘I’ gazing at the ‘other’ – in favour of a multi-view of interchangeable possibilities, none of which are fixed. “Instead of defining a single centre of a unified world, we could imagine other … More Ambiguity

Picturing Stories

Picturing Stories is an exhibition that opened on Saturday 20th August and runs to the 16th September 2016. It features work I have made in the last three years while studying for a doctorate at Edinburgh College of Art. The images are based on stories from around the world and try to illustrate them in a … More Picturing Stories


Spacious was a group exhibition organised by Megan Wallace with the intention “to provide a safe space in order to open up discussion about ideas of sexuality and gender.” The event was held 28th June to 2nd of July in the Tent Gallery at Edinburgh College of Art. I submitted some of my illustrations based … More Spacious