Dragon Footprints

On Monday I visited Dalry primary school to host a workshop during the arts festival that the school is holding. The programmes is really adventurous, Grant Gillies, the headteacher, showed me a stop-motion animation the pupils had previously filmed and edited – it was very adventurous! The idea for this workshop came from when I … More Dragon Footprints

Creative Material Play

Creative Material Play was an interactive workshop run by Eleni-Ira Panourgia and Katie Forrester, both PhD candidates at the University of Edinburgh, as part of Innovative Learning Week 2016. The workshop took place in the illustration studio of Edinburgh College of Art and participants came to take part from many subjects across the university. The concept … More Creative Material Play

Cities, Like Dreams

Last week was Innovative Learning week at the University of Edinburgh, which is a week of interactive events to give students a breather mid-term. I coorganised the Creative Material Play event which I have written about in another blog post. I also helped out on a full day workshop called Play + Design = Learn … More Cities, Like Dreams


I don’t know why I have never mentioned Create on this blog before. It is a strong inspiration for this research. Create is a project for families with children under the age of five and has an emphasis on creative play. All play might be creative but what we mean is that we encourage people … More Create

What is a mural?

Last Wednesday I visited Dalry Primary School during their Creative Week to help to make a mural. First the teacher asked the class what they thought a mural was (something I didn’t think about the pupils not knowing). We decided that it was a big piece of art that the public could see in their everyday environment; but this … More What is a mural?