Philosopher Gilles Deleuze describes sensation as an autonomous, bodily response to visual art: “Colour is in the body, sensation is in the body, and not in the air. Sensation is what is painted” (2003 [1981]:35). The idea of sensation is reminiscent of the paperAutonomy of Affect by social theorist Brian Massumi’s, which I wrote about this in … More Sensation

Border Crossings

The conference Border Crossings: Exploring the Boundaries Between the Visible and the Invisible in the Humanities was a held at Stirling University on the third June 2016. I proposed to put some of my illustration work in the student exhibition space as part of the event. My work shows the boundaries between visible and invisible … More Border Crossings

A Grimm Exhibition

This is recent work displayed in an exhibition at Burslem School of Art in Stoke-on-Trent. Twitter handle: @burslemart This exhibition is based on the stories that were collected by the Grimm brothers. They were first published in German in 1812 as Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Children’s and Household Tales) but similar stories turn up in folk … More A Grimm Exhibition

Red Riding Hood

This week I have been drawing in a more simple way; concentrating on shape and character. My friend and brilliant artist Tess Bernard recently went on a trip to China and brought a Chinese calligraphy brush back for me. I’m enjoying drawing with it a lot! This is the initial work: