Dragon Footprints

On Monday I visited Dalry primary school to host a workshop during the arts festival that the school is holding. The programmes is really adventurous, Grant Gillies, the headteacher, showed me a stop-motion animation the pupils had previously filmed and edited – it was very adventurous!

The idea for this workshop came from when I previously made a mural with the pupils who mentioned the school legend of the dragon. Grant Gillies told me this was a story of a dragon who keeps many eggs in the boiler room of the school. The eggs are all different varieties and colours of dragon… all different but a family… just like the diverse Dalry community.

The workshop I designed involved making stencils in the shape of dragon’s footprints. We were going to use them to paint the footprints on the school playground, however rain prevented this! (Dragons don’t like rain.) We decided to stay dry inside and save the stencils for another day. We used the foot-shaped piece of card left over from the stencils to draw what the dragon may see from it’s lair in the boiler room. The outcome was very colourful, here are the results:

IMG_20160613_103304 IMG_20160613_103730 IMG_20160613_103510

Dragon footprint leave a mark of memories! These are images of what the dragon sees in the school playground and environment.

With Thanks to the Dalry P1 class pupils and teachers (Mrs Laidler, Mrs Shiells, Miss Bacigalupo,  Miss Low and Magda) who were very accommodating and imaginative. I learned a lot from the teachers too – how to explain how materials and tools are used and the importance of demonstrating them and reiterating certain key ideas and points.




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