Down Where it’s Better

I held a  workshop in Leith Library a few weeks back. It was based on my Where the Sea Meets the Sky book-in-progress. The last time I visited we had made drawings of the town of Leith with felt tips, so this time I thought it would be good to go slightly messier and use collage to make some images.


As Where the Sea Meets the Sky is a marine story, I thought we would use some non-fiction books about sea life. There were some great photos and many of the children pointed out the creatures they had seen before or knew the names of. Many of the children had seen the film Finding Nemo (Disney Pixar, 2003)I thought it was very impressive that all of the group used the materials appropriately to communicate texture, colour and shape of the elements of the images they wanted to depict. The feathers (though associated with birds) were nevertheless used to represent the fish. I thought the children may not agree with this but they took my suggestion and could see the feather as being representative of fish. Imagination is a powerful thing and can be exercised well in such tasks. Of course, outside of this group, the feather could be interpreted as representing other things.

The workshop was successful in being an activity that engaged the children’s attention through subject of ‘under the sea’ and the tactile materials with which the images could be collaged.

With thanks to Leith Library staff and workshop attendees!



Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich (2003) Finding Nemo Disney Pixar: USA




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