Creative Material Play

Creative Material Play was an interactive workshop run by Eleni-Ira Panourgia and Katie Forrester, both PhD candidates at the University of Edinburgh, as part of Innovative Learning Week 2016. The workshop took place in the illustration studio of Edinburgh College of Art and participants came to take part from many subjects across the university. The concept of the workshop was to provide various ‘raw’ materials – such as wood, metal and paper – for participants to ‘play’ using their intuition and imagination to make artworks. These artworks were displayed in Matthew Gallery, Minto House for the remainder of ILW and we also held a scaled down version of the workshop at the interactive spaces of the TED x University of Edinburgh event on Wednesday 17th February 2016.

Here are some photographs of the event:

What struck me about the progress of making these objects was that, the participants intuitively made an object but said that they were not sure what they were doing. When the group started to collaborate, they had discussions on what they had made and what they could make together, which was when they could start to label their creations as something; or admit that they had an intention for the object, but had thought it was not successful or was too abstract. When working together, this self-consciousness was diminished, and the groups worked quite contentedly on a ship, tree-mess and fairy garden… great names!

Thanks to all who took part in our Innovative Learning Week Workshop… Elengo and I enjoyed the day!


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