This week, I have been monoprinting.

The plastic sheet is what the ink is rolled out on, it’s the plate. The drawing beneath it is the template of the shape I want to fill, which is the sky of the photoetched city scape.
This picture just shows the rolled out ink, pre-rolling onto the plate. When it is rolled onto he plate, I remove ink from the areas I don’t want it with a rag and create textures with it. I also use a sponge to make soft, cloud-like effects for the sky.
This is the initial image of the pink sky on the photoetched print.
Here I tried yellow over the pink… but it was horrible.
A detail from the pink-yellow sky. It does’t look so bad when cropped. This is a ship weather vane from he top of a school building across the road from where I live.
A close up of the pink sky one. The registration is slightly off. I fixed that in later prints which I am yet to take photos of.

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