2D > 3D > 2D

Today my friends asked what I was doing in the studio. I said I didn’t know and struggled to string a sentence together, which is very lazy but also, it was because I am not used to talking about my work and couldn’t find the words to describe it. To remedy this, I thought it was about time I wrote a blog post. Here are a few images of what I was doing today:


This is my desk today.


Some fish! A tench and a perch.


This is the fish cut out and put against a monoprint that I intended to look like a forest. I just put the fish there for now.

It’s all based on the first book The Once and Future King by T.H.White and depicts the point at which Merlin the Wizard changes himself and his pupil Wart into fish. Merlin teaches Wart to come face to face with the dangers of water and land and realise every environment can harbour murky, disillusioned characters, no matter how wonderful or exotic their worlds may be.

I had the idea to make 3D illustrations for a book for a while and this week I came across My Father’s Arms Are a Boat writer Stein Erik Lunde and illustrator Øyvind Torseter, translated by Kari Dickson. It is about a boy and his Father who are dealing with the loss of the boy’s Mother; his Father’s partner. I particularly like the playful and perhaps unsettling angles and composition of the paper props and image on the printed page.


A spread from My Father’s Arms Are a Boat written by Stein Erik Lunde and illustrated by Øyvind Torseter (Popova, [online] 2013)

I often draw like this: with a variety of perspectives creating a topography containing objects that are representative of reality but their unusual placement on different planes disrupts the expected order. Like this:


Going to the Fridge (sketch by me).


Lunde,Stein Erik (2013) My Father’s Arms Are a Boat illustrated by Torseter, Øyvind, translated by Dickson, Kari http://www.enchantedlionbooks.com/node/197

Popova, Maria (2013) My Father’s Arms Are a Boat: A Tender Norwegian Tale of Love and Loss [online blog post] http://www.brainpickings.org/2013/04/12/my-fathers-arms-are-a-boat/

T. H. White (1958) The Once and Future King [audiobook] Read by Neville Jason (Dec 2008) Naxos audiobooks


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