Haven’t I seen you before?

Illustrators move through the world, collecting ephemera and being open to the visual, always seeking to visually interpret phenomena in new ways. This amalgamation of influences are an Illustrators recipe book. “Under the surface of all sign-systems is a ‘deep structure’ – something like a genetic programme – which dictates how such systems operate” (Sim & Van Loon, 2009:66). The ‘structure’ and reference we take from our environments are so deeply embedded in memories, that sometimes, it is hard to think of why a certain element was chosen, an Illustrator has ‘seen it somewhere before’ but often can’t think where. “The visual environment is so fundamental that we do not think about it. We accept the outcomes of art, design, architecture and the proliferation of visual forms, but we fail to acknowledge their status. ideals, alone with a wide array of subjects and media… The process of making, reflecting, and studying often reveals new insights that are then reworked…” (Hoffert, 73:2012). I know this from personal experience, however with this research project, I am trying to consciously think about my illustration is constructed, what influences affect the outcome and what is signified and in turn interpreted by the reader.


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