Some notes I made at the Offset Design Festival in Dublin 21st-23rd March 2014


“Communitarian culture…” (ICAD description of the 100 archive project )

“As soon as you finish making it, it’s not yours anymore.”  (Jon Burgerman

Art and design concerned with social interaction, rather than sitting in an art gallery. Saying something meaningful but inaccessible to the general public does not communicate to many people. Appreciation of the consideration that creativity is not about the piece of art or the artist but about the creation of an idea and process anybody can get involved in. Dialogue.

encourage the ferret


“Improv. everywhere” (Greenspan,

“Encourage the ferret.” (Burgerman)

“We like to play lot. It’s part of what we do.” (Neville Brody

About not asking too many questions or worrying about the finite product but enjoying the process for the sake of it. For skill enhancement, for repetition, for entertainment, for interaction.

Mike Perry Orange Shirt


“Everything is an abstraction. Reality is a lie.” (Milton Glaser

Primitive marks and human society…” (Brody)

“We fashion a world around us.” (Burgerman)

“…outsider art… obsessive… insanity… code.” (Marian Bantjes

A lot of abstraction in design. Especially in regard to typography. (In work of Brody/Bantjes)

What you collect/wear/surround yourself with builds a kind of stratosphere of meanings around your life (almost subconsciously) which other people decode, based on the society that they live in.

Glaser Heller Offset

Memorable Things

“The greatest resource for anybody is confidence.” (Ian Robertson, Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin in The Value of Recognition talk held by ICAD)

“Anybody who is honest is interesting.” (Jessica Walsh quoting Stefan Sagmeister )

“Everything is abstraction. Reality is a lie.” (Glaser)

“Encourage the ferret.” (Burgerman)

The offset conference spoke less of the digital platform (social media and online) but was about engaging people face-to-face. Good design has long spoken of a social conscience however it has spoken to people and created dialogue, whereas now, it’s asking people to help to make it.

Offset march 2014



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