“Man’s unhappiness, says Descartes, is due to his having first been a child.” Simone de Beauvoir in The Ethics of Ambiguity, II Personal Freedom and Others. As with all art forms, children’s literature is a product of the society it is constructed in and so it unavoidably contains embedded ideology. Our ideas about the world and … More Childhood

Moving Image

  I am trying my hand at animation to adapt my illustration to screen. This is based on the gocco printed book I made called Where the Sea Meets the Sky. Refresh the page to watch it again!


Deleuze describes sensation as an autonomous, bodily response to visual art:”Colour is in the body, sensation is in the body, and not in the air. Sensation is what is painted” (2003 [1981]:35). This is close to social theorist Brian Massumi’s ‘autonomy of affect’ – which he describes as autonomous reactions to stimulus (Massumi, 1995:83-109). I … More Sensation